“Become the you that is the greatest version of yourself – the you that is strong and confident and beautiful in your own skin. Take the steps. Do what the best version of you would do… Become the you that you so deeply desire to become”

~ Nikki Banas

I see you and I feel your soul

You are trying to be positive and yet you find yourself struggling most days
Everything just feels so hard
You find yourself feeling overwhelmed and irritated by the smallest of things
You put on a brave face and soldier on, but inside feels like a chaotic mess
You may struggle with feeling restless and anxious all the time
It could be sadness that consumes you often
Or anger that overtakes your whole body

You can heal from your past and break free from the negative head talk and deeply love yourself and life again. I am here to hold a safe space and guide you on that journey of healing so you can rise above it all.

Transform your pain.

Break down the walls you had built around your heart.

Reclaim your self-worth and power.

Get to know who you are and embrace the magnificence within you.

Together we work on all these five aspects of your being:

♡ Conscious
♡ Unconscious
♡ Energy
♡ Soul
♡ Cellular

You can try to change your thoughts and behaviours, actions, and reactions with conscious effort – but that requires a lot of work and will only take you so far. The conscious mind is only 5-10% of your brain. The other 90-95% – your unconscious – which holds all the core programming, memories, beliefs, and emotions that drive your conscious responses. So, to create long-lasting and sustainable change you need 100% of your brain engaged in the process of healing. Using an approach that offers a full-system reboot allows you to reset, restore and rewire your experience for freedom, happiness, and the expression of your true self.

Whether you have experienced trauma, struggle with anxiety and/or depression, or you are just feeling stuck in life. What ever it is. If you are ready for change, ready to say ‘YES” to you and a better life – I’VE GOT YOU.


“I cannot believe how different I feel about myself and my life since working with Kim. I used to struggle daily with anxiety. I am now loving life and loving myself again. I am so grateful to Kim. If you are thinking of working with Kim – do it. You will not regret it.”


If you are ready for more inner peace, more joy. Knowing yourself worth and loving who you – then let’s do it.


Rise Above Reset Program

4 x powerful 1-1 ½ hour sessions. Includes email support.

This program is designed for those who are drawing a line in the sand and ready to start fresh in life. It is perfect for those who have had enough of talking about their problems and start breaking free from the instead.

The program consists of education and activities of self-reflection that are based upon neuro-scientific principles and concepts of human behaviour to understand your own experiences. You will then be guided through a gentle but powerful process to help you let go of old stuck emotions from past events and the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in your day-to-day life.

By clearing these negative emotions and limiting beliefs you can then thrive in:


Timeline Reset is ideal for:

Anyone struggling with emotional turmoil, such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, or shame.
Anyone with ever consuming thoughts that are impacting their relationships, health, love life, self-worth, career, spirituality, or any other aspect of life.
Anyone who is feeling stuck in patterns of negative behaviours.
Anyone who is TRULY ready for change, and who is committed to doing whatever it takes to create a better life for themselves.
You believe the best investment you can make is in YOURSELF.

Release, Rewire & Shine Program

8 x powerful 1-1 ½ hour sessions. Includes email support.

This program takes people from a stuck state into a thriving state in just 8 sessions. This is a premium 1:1 program for those that prefer a 1:1 experience instead of group work.

This program includes the Rise Above and Reset program and then the remaining sessions we dive deep into specific areas which may including, Inner child work, Forgiveness, Soul Fragment retrieval and healing, Sexual trauma healing, getting to know who you are with the Thrive Factor Profiling system.

You will finish this program:

Feeling a deep level of acceptance and inner peace
Have your heart open to life
Knowing your self-worth and trusting in yourself
Understand who you are at your core – your innate strengths and the potential challenges – how you can thrive in life

This program is for those:

Ready for massive change and for stepping into the greatest version of themselves. Ready to live your best life.
Anyone who is TRULY ready for change, and who is committed to doing whatever it takes to create a better life for themselves.
You believe the best investment you can make is in YOURSELF


“I had done so much work on myself. Self-help books and years of counselling. But I was still feeling controlled by the trauma from my childhood. I had almost given up hope on ever feeling any different. I took a change on working with Kim and it is the best investment I ever made. I no longer feel like my past has a hold on me. I feel free and I am loving life for what feels like the first time.”

Anon Client

Soulful Relationship Mastery

his is a 16-session program consisting of 1 x 90-120min session, then 7 x 1 hr sessions, followed by 8 half hour phone calls over a 6-month period.

Are you ready to have a healthy relationship?

This program will create the Ultimate Strong Foundation for your Relationship & Life.

The program is run by Kim & her mindset coach husband Luke and is unlike regular couples’ therapy. Together they will help you as a couple to heal, rise and make your relationship better than ever.

This powerful program works as it addresses ALL 4 aspects that make up who you are……..


Learn how you ended up where you have in your relationship and then heal and rise from that place.

Learn the formula to powerful communication – where you both feel seen, heard, and understood.

Break patterns of unhealthy behaviours and communication.

Let go of all the past ‘BAGGAGE’.

Unlock the true potential of your relationship and life.

More connection with yourself and each other.

This program works and it is cheaper than a separation or divorce.

If you are looking for a standard counselling or couple therapy, then this is not for you.

Its intense, deeply healing, deeply nurturing.

Its quick healing and trauma releasing.

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